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Revision-U Counselling, Psychotherapy & Mindfulness in Lincoln

Questions and Answers

There are loads of counsellors, why should I choose you?
Well, first of all it is about choice so I give you the opportunity to meet with me for an initial session, so that you can decide if you are comfortable with my approach and with me, this is really important.

OK, I may LIKE you but surely there’s got to be more than that?
Absolutely. Working with ReVision-U guarantees that you talk to one of very few counsellors and psychotherapists in Lincolnshire who is qualified in Integrative Psychosynthesis. I am also a fully qualified experienced Supervisor, wild Therapy practitioner, group facilitator and Mindfulness Teacher.

What is so special about Integrative Psychosynthesis?
It shapes the way I work with my clients. It is an empathetic, intuitive and informed way of working that looks at the physical, emotional, mental, soulful and spiritual aspects of the individual. Part of this process includes looking at where you are now and how this has been affected by your past experiences, in doing so you are able to begin the process of moving forward into your hopes for the future. Many of my clients have commented, that it is a very containing and supportive way of working which is both rich and healing. The majority of my work is long term (6 months plus), I do however have a lot of experience working short term and happy to explore working with you in this way.

If I work with a psychotherapist surely this is an admission of weakness?
Not at all, it means you have had the wisdom to invest in yourself and seek assistance from an objective and highly qualified source. I believe that this is a pretty smart thing to do…

How often do I need to come and how much do you charge?
Psychotherapy or counselling requires a weekly commitment to develop a safe enough environment and therapeutic relationship for therapy to be effective.

Fee for Psychotherapy or Counselling is £50 for the initial session and then between £50 to £60 per 50 min hour - you choose how much you can afford so that you can come weekly and for a long as you feel is needed.

Fee for Supervision is between £50 to £60 per hour with concessions for training therapists.

Please see my mindfulness page for the course fees.

Integrative Psychosynthesis UKCP Reg Accredited Psychotherapy and Supervision and BACP Accredited Counselling in Lincoln

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